About the March

Why a March for Trans Lives?

Last year, we took the fight for trans lives to Orlando, FL, bringing together dozens of organizations from around the country to stand in solidarity with the people of Florida who are resisting the far-right movement and Governor Ron DeSantis’s increasingly repressive attacks on trans people and others in the state. This year, we are going to stand with the people of Ohio. Ohio became a flashpoint in the battle for trans rights as Governor DeWine and the state legislature supported attacks on trans healthcare, bathroom access, education, sports, and more – all in an effort to drive us out of public life entirely, with nine bills in the legislature this year alone.

These attacks are the same or similar to the attacks we have seen state by state around the country, part of an ongoing coordinated attack supported by billionaire-backed hate groups and politicians. These attacks come at the same time as attacks on abortion, immigrants’ rights, workers’ rights, social programs, and more – and they are all designed by the same people, for the same purpose: to terrorize, divide, and impoverish us as they line their pockets with our money.

The only way to stand up against these attacks is to organize and unite our movements.  Our goal for this march is to once more bring together organizations from around the country in solidarity and unity, to send a message that this is a nationwide assault, and that we can unite against the far-right. We hope you can join us in organizing for October 19 as the next step toward building a nationwide movement for the defense of our rights.

How You Can Help

Help out in any way that works for you!

ENDORSE: Click here to fill out our endorsement form.

GET INVOLVED: We hold regular organizing Zoom calls. Contact us at info@protecttranskidsmarch.org to be invited to the next call.

DONATE: You can give directly to the coalition here.

HELP RAISE FUNDS: Or you can raise funds by hosting an event such as a party or concert, selling t-shirts or other materials, or doing an online donation drive. Reach out to info@protecttranskidsmarch.org to learn more.

ORGANIZE A BUS: Help others from your area come to the march! Organize a bus, van, caravan, or other collective transportation to the march.

SPREAD THE WORD: Include graphics and info about the Oct. 19 march on your social media, website, and newsletter. Invite one of our organizers to speak at an upcoming meeting. Print out our leaflets and distribute them at protests, events and community spaces. Or create your own!

CONNECT US WITH OTHER ORGANIZATIONS / INDIVIDUALS: If you know another person or group who would be interested in joining or supporting the march, share this email or our contact information with them, or reach out to us with information! Email us at info@protecttranskidsmarch.org.