About the March

Why a March for Trans Youth in Florida?

In Florida and many other states, new laws are robbing trans youth and adults of gender-affirming healthcare. Pride events are threatened with cancellation, trans people and drag artists are being banned from public life. Teachers are forbidden to talk about LGBTQ+ lives and Black history. Children are forbidden to play sports or use the bathroom. These laws are accompanied by threats and violent acts by organized far-right groups.

We can’t wait for the next election. People’s lives are on the line now. Activists and organizations in Florida are fighting back, and we want to stand with them. That’s why trans activists and allies from across the U.S. are calling for a National March in Florida to Protect Trans Youth and a Speakout for Trans Lives on Saturday, October 7 in Orlando, Florida.

Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida’s state legislature are in the forefront of the attacks on trans lives. DeSantis recently signed laws banning trans people from using public restrooms, authorized kidnapping trans children across state lines, expanded the “Don’t Say Gay” law and banned healthcare for all trans people. DeSantis also signed laws targeting abortion rights and immigrants.

These measures are part of a coordinated campaign by the rich taking place in state legislatures around the country and will come in even greater numbers next year unless we take action. Recent Supreme Court rulings against affirmative action, LGBTQ+ equality and abortion rights show that lower court actions are delaying tactics at best. Only the power of the people, mobilized in large numbers, can turn the tide.

How You Can Help

We ask you to join us to organize for October 7 as a first step toward building a new nationwide movement for the defense of civil rights and workers’ rights, to stop the advance of fascism and white supremacy.

ENDORSE: You can give your endorsement to me or fill out the form here.

GET INVOLVED: We hold regular organizing Zoom calls. Fill out the form here and we’ll invite you to the next call.

DONATE / HELP RAISE FUNDS for transportation: Although we expect most attendees to come from the South and the East Coast, there are people across the country who want to attend. Help us organize buses, car caravans or airfare from your area. Donate here or raise funds by holding a party, concert or other event.

SPREAD THE WORD: Include graphics and info about the Oct. 7 march on your social media, website and newsletter. Invite one of our organizers to speak at an upcoming meeting. Print out our leaflets and distribute them at protests, events and community spaces. Or create your own!