TDOR 2023

Trans Day of Remembrance 2023: 


The Coalition to Protect Trans Lives calls on trans and queer people and our allies to come out in force for Trans Day of Remembrance events across the country on Nov. 20, 2023. The need to remember our fallen and fight for our future has never been more urgent.

In October alone, at least six of our Black trans siblings were murdered: A’nee Johnson, Skylar Harrison Reeves, Chyna Long, Lisa Love, London Price, and Dominic Dupree. Twenty-six trans people are known to have been killed so far this year, though the real number is likely much higher thanks to misgendering by police and media. This year, like every year, the overwhelming number of victims are Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color.

Anti-trans violence and threats have skyrocketed, propelled by hate campaigns driven by far-right politicians, corporate media, and fascist groups and funded by the super-rich. Laws passed in HALF of U.S. states in 2023 aim to eradicate trans lives, especially targeting youth, with more and worse to come in 2024.

Republican presidential candidates like Trump and DeSantis scapegoat trans people for political gain, while President Biden and Congressional Democrats offer us nothing but worthless “thoughts and prayers” while life-saving health care is ripped away.

Trans people are part of the working class and all marginalized communities under attack by the capitalists across this country. We are part of the movements for Black Lives, for immigrants, for a free Palestine, for unions. We need to reach out and build a united fightback in the spirit of the Stonewall uprising, AIDS activism, and the Civil Rights Movement.

That’s why our grassroots coalition took the fight to the front lines of the fight against fascism in Florida. We organized the Oct. 7 National March to Protect Trans Youth in Orlando, uniting hundreds from across Florida and the U.S. to defiantly resist. And we’re not stopping there. More acts of resistance are coming in 2024 – get involved to help us plan and organize.

Join us to build a movement to turn back the attacks on trans lives. Let’s fight to expand the rights of trans people and all people!

Speak to an organizer, email, or sign up at


No more stolen trans lives! We remember:

London Price, Oct. 23, Miami
Lisa Love, Oct. 17, Chicago
A’nee Johnson, Oct. 14, Washington, D.C.
Dominic Dupree (Dominic Palace), Oct. 13, Gary, IN
Chyna Long, Oct. 8, Milwaukee
Skylar Harrison Reeves, Oct. 2, Washington, D.C.
YOKO (YouOnlyKnowOne), Sept. 19, New Orleans
Sherlyn Marjorie, Sept. 17, Albuquerque
Thomas ‘Tom-Tom’ Robertson, Aug. 17, Calumet City, IN
Luis Ángel Díaz Castro, Aug. 12, San Juan, U.S.-occupied Puerto Rico
DéVonnie J’Rae Johnson, Aug. 7, Los Angeles
Camdyn Rider, July 21, Winter Park, FL
Jacob Williamson, June 30, Monroe, SC
Chanell Perez Ortiz, June 25, Carolina, U.S.-occupied Puerto Rico
Ashia Davis, June 2, Detroit
Banko Brown, April 27, San Francisco
Koko Da Doll, April 18, Atlanta
Ashley Burton, April 11, Atlanta
Tasiyah Woodland, March 24, St. Mary’s County, MD
Chashay Henderson, Feb. 26, Milwaukee
Zachee Imanitwitaho, Feb. 3, Louisville, KY
Unique Banks, Jan. 23, Chicago
Maria Jose Rivera Rivera, Jan. 21, Houston
Tortuguita, Jan. 18, Atlanta
KC Johnson, Jan. 14, Wilmington, NC
Jasmine “Star” Mack, Jan. 7, Washington, D.C.

According to HRC, in 2023:

88% of victims are people of color
52% are Black transgender women
47% with a known killer were killed by a romantic/sexual partner, friend, or family member
48% were misgendered or deadnamed by authorities or the press

The Coalition to Protect Trans Lives demands:

  • Reverse the bans on trans health care, restroom access, Black & Queer history
  • Stop racist attacks on our communities
  • Stop censorship and attacks on the civil liberties of teachers, students & libraries
  • Hands off Pride!
  • Free, legal, accessible abortions
  • Expand Medicaid and SNAP
  • Stop voter disenfranchisement
  • Drop charges on the Tampa 5 and all activists targeted by the state
  • Demand Biden & Congress enforce civil rights from coast to coast